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VW Door Logo Projector Lights

VW Door Logo Projector Lights

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Illuminate Your Path in Style

Elevate your vehicle's entryway with VW Door Logo Projector Lights. Featuring bright LEDs, these lights add sophistication and visibility to your car's door area, ensuring a stylish and safe entry experience every time.

Enhanced Visibility

Replace your existing door reflectors with these projector lights to improve visibility in low-light conditions. The bright LEDs provide clear illumination, making it easier to see the ground and navigate safely when entering or exiting your vehicle.

Unique Aesthetic

Add a unique touch to your car's exterior with VW Door Logo Projector Lights. By replacing the reflector, these lights offer a sleek and modern look that sets your vehicle apart from the rest.

Easy Installation and Hardwired Design

Installing VW Door Logo Projector Lights is straightforward, but it's important to note that some models may require splicing for wiring integration. While not overly challenging, we understand that this step may present a slight hurdle for some. However, with the included wiring harnesses and extensive information and video tutorials online, you can confidently navigate through the installation process. These lights are designed to be hardwired into your car's electrics, ensuring seamless integration without the need for batteries. This approach guarantees a clean and professional installation, albeit with a bit more attention to detail. Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your upgrade experience is as smooth as possible.

Coding May Be Required

Please note that coding may be required for certain models to ensure compatibility and functionality. However, detailed instructions can be provided upon request to assist you with the coding process.

- VW Teramont 2017 onwards
- VW Touareg 2011-2019
- VW CC 2009-2019
- VW T-ROC 2014-2019
- VW Arteon 2017 onwards
- VW Phideon 2016-2019
- VW Sharan 2012-2019
- VW Magotan 2007-2019
- VW Passat 2005-2020
- VW Golf 2010-2018
- VW Sagitar 2006-2017
- VW Tiguan 2010-2017
- VW EOS 2008-2015
- VW Scirocco 2009-2017
- VW Jetta 2006-2014
- VW Touran 2016-2018

Harness Length May Need To Be Extended Depending On Model

Upgrade your vehicle's appearance and functionality with VW Door Logo Projector Lights, designed to enhance your driving experience with style and convenience.

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