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VW Custom Paddle Shifters

VW Custom Paddle Shifters

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Elevate Your Driving Experience

Introducing the ultimate upgrade for your driving experience: Custom Extended Paddle Shifters. Crafted to enhance the performance and aesthetics of compatible VW models, these sleek and stylish paddle shifters are a must-have addition for any discerning driver.

- GOLF MK7/MK7.5 GTI / R / GTD / GTE
- T-Roc R (2019-2021)

- POLO GTI (2014-2021)
- Scirocco R (2014-2017)

Premium Aluminium Construction
Crafted from high-quality aluminium, these extended paddle shifters not only offer a premium feel but also provide improved durability over the factory plastic shifters. Say goodbye to the mundane stock shifters and elevate your driving experience with a touch of sophistication.

Enhanced Control and Grip
The extended design of these paddle shifters offers enhanced control and grip, allowing for seamless gear changes with precision and ease. Whether you're navigating tight corners on the track or cruising through city streets, these shifters ensure that you stay in complete command of your vehicle at all times.

Luxurious Shiny Finish
Not only do these paddle shifters offer superior functionality, but they also add a touch of luxury to your interior with their shiny aluminium finish. Upgrade your VW's interior aesthetics while enjoying the practical benefits of extended paddle shifters.

Complete Replacement, Not Cheap Stick-Ons
These extended paddle shifters are a complete replacement for the current factory ones, ensuring a seamless integration into your vehicle's interior. Unlike cheap stick-on alternatives, these shifters provide a sturdy and reliable upgrade that enhances both style and performance.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience
Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your driving experience with Extended Paddle Shifters and experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and functionality.

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